Season 2, Ep 5 : Music for your content!
“A next-gen label and music platform. Creator Safe Music. No takedowns. No DMCA strikes.”
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Watch out for future seasons!

Season 2, Ep 4

Dutch brand management company,!
“Noise brings the worlds of brand and performance marketing together.”
Based in Amsterdam, this company has worked for big brands like Coca-Cola, Nestlé & Warner Bros. among others.

Season 2, Ep 3 : An interface between artists & the music industry.
The Belgian company positions itself as the point of contact for the artist and music sector — from beginner to pro, from local to international.

Amazing hack, eh?

Season 2, Ep 2 : Consumer Data Analytics & Custom Research Solutions
A consumer insight company from Singapore.
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A search for ‘milieu’ shows them amongst the top few results despite it not being a keyword name.

Season 2, Ep 1

Italian shoe brand,
Charm, history and research: embodies the incomparable value of Made in Italy, through design and creation of a wide choice of shoes for daily use.

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These guys seem to have been around for two decades on this address, but the business itself goes back to 1979.

Season 1, Ep 4

Unintentional hacks!
: Instituto Nacional de Estatística
National statistical institute of Portugal.
They may be competent but, for some of us, they will always be inept!
More in season 2.

Season 1, Ep 3

: Architecture Posed Thoughtfully
An architecture studio based in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.
A beautiful name, isn’t it?
Watch out for the next one!

Season 1, Ep 2

Contours – Collaborative Mountain Discovery
Discover ski touring routes locally or for your next adventure.
This may be a hobby project, but is beautifully done.
We’re just getting started!

Season 1, Ep 1

Sebastian Thrun Adjunct Professor — Stanford University
An entrepreneur, educator, and computer scientist from Germany!
Now, this one was a complete surprise!

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