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n.etYour prime address on the Net.
wh.imGo on a whim!
elo.peElope – It’s time to escape!
sincere.stSincerest – Be the most sincere.
divi.neDivine – Godlike, exceedingly good!
recour.seRecourse – A source of help or support. Click for more info!
aci.ngAcing with ease and hack-able as Click for more info!
tempti.ngIrresistibly tempting!
foremo.stFirst and foremost.
dreami.lyDreamily – A delightful dream-like state!
cynosu.reCynosure – Center of attention, a guiding star — Polestar.
striv.esStrives – Working tirelessly toward an endeavor?
macroco.smMacrocosm – The universe is yours! – A niche in the web. Click for more info!
value.rsValuers or appraisers.
readi.lyReadily available and instantly memorable! Click for more info!
requi.redUrgently required!
defi.questDeFi is decentralized finance.
line.alLineal – In the form of a line or coming from a direct line of ancestors.


physici.stBe the coolest physicist. 😎
astrophysici.stPerfect for an astrophysicist!
nutritioni.stAre you a nutritionist?
dramati.stBe a dramatist!
completioni.stAre you a completionist gamer?
completion.istAnother hack for the completionist gamer!


appea.rsIt @ appears to be a fine address.
musi.ngMusing – Hmm… think about it! Contemplative or
daydre.amDrift away in a beautiful daydream.
whimsic.alBe whimsical, be fanciful. 😛
palati.alPalatial – Magnificent.
blessi.ngA blessing in disguise! 😇 cove – Your place on the web.
confid.esMan confides. who overcomes all dots… 😃
defro.stDefrost – Clear the ice.
combu.stCombust – Are you fired up?
jazzi.stJazzist – Do you love Jazz?
sti.rsStirs – A stirring address.
trouse.rsPants or trousers?
bein.gsHuman beings, sentient beings.
nob.byNobby means stylish, elegant or smart!
cor.byCorby is a town in England or a last name.
surreal.placeThe wanderlust is real! Click for more info!


imb.luI’m blue da-ba-di-da-ba-da…
antac.idDo you need an Antacid? chilled!’d like a large coke and medium fries! you like some fries too? you need just a few sips.
sugarco.atSugar Coat – The candy is a lie!
chur.roChurro – Would you like a Spanish pastry? mess – What a fine mess! (Inquire) mess – A complete mess 😃 (Inquire)
thermost.atThermostat – You control the weather inside.
abysm.alAbysmal – Height of depths.
brib.esBribes – A small and funny address!
arkano.idBreak some bricks?


lexic.alLexical analysis – AI.
polynomi.al2x + y + 4 = A Polynomial.
frequenti.stFrequentist – Not a Bayesian!
surmi.seSurmise – Take a guess!
minim.axMiniMax – AI Game theory.
collo.idColloid – Stay fine, stay suspended!
probable.spaceA probable space for geeks?
rockypla.netThe blue planet is also a rocky planet! 🌎
synthetic.skinSynthetic or artificial skin.
analo.gyGive an analogy!


plurali.stPluralist – Diversity can be a good thing.
centri.stCentrist – Not a leftist nor a rightist!
trumpi.stTrumpist – A new branch!
fasci.stFascist or autocratic.

And many more!

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