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market.bestThe best of the market.
asset.tradingWhat kind of assets do you trade?
fore.visionDevelop prescience. Elope – It’s time to escape! (Get more)
sincere.stSincerest – Be the most sincere.
aci.ngAcing with ease and hack-able as (Get more)
foremo.stFirst and foremost.
cynosu.reCynosure – Center of attention, a guiding star — Polestar. (Get more)
striv.esStrives – Working tirelessly toward an endeavor? – A niche in the web. Click for more info! (Get more)
value.rsValuers or appraisers.
readi.lyReadily available and instantly memorable! (Get more)
requi.redUrgently required! Recourse – A source of help or support. (Get more)
line.alLineal – In the form of a line or coming from a direct line of ancestors.
ferv.idBe fervent, be fervid. (Get more)
enthr.alEnthral – To fascinate or mesmerize!
enraptu.reEnrapture – To fill with fascination and delight. (Get more)
deali.ngFair dealing builds reputation.
primena.meWhat you see here are some prime names. Get yours now!
will.rentWill rent a house/car/starship?

Short Your prime address on the Net. An ultra-rare domain.
li.keA domain un-like any other! A true gem.
el.keA female name of Dutch origin that means noble and kind. Not an 🦌.
ok.keA name of German origin meaning prosperous or wealthy. Or, OK Kenya!
fy.keA name or a special kind of fishing net. (Get more)
ty.keA mischievous kid! 🧒


physici.stBe the coolest physicist. ⚛️📚📡🚀
cartooni.stPerfect for a cart👀nist!
completion.istA hack for the completionist gamer! 🕹️


recur.rentRecurrent 🔁
browsi.ngWhat are you browsing? 🔗🌐
tweeti.ngSpeak your mind and keep tweeting! 🐦
nob.byNobby means stylish, elegant or smart!
musi.ngMusing – Hmm… think about it! 🤔 Contemplative or
daydre.amDrift away in a beautiful daydream. 😊…💭
whimsic.alBe whimsical, be fanciful. 😛
ephemer.alLife is a fleeting speck of time. Life is ephemeral.
palati.alPalatial – Magnificent. 🏛️
ordin.alOrdinal – Let’s get some order into life!
blessi.ngA blessing in disguise! 😇
appea.rsGet it before it!
trouse.rsPants or trousers? 👖
bein.gsHuman beings, sentient beings.
cor.byCorby is a town in England or a last name.
surreal.placeThe wanderlust is real! (Get more)
glowi.ngKeep glowing!


wth.lolWTH LOL ??!! 🤦‍♂️🤣 Get your meme on!
gui.ltGUI in Lithuania? Err… it’s guilt! 😛
innuen.doAn indirect or oblique reference.
sugarco.atSugar Coat – The candy is a lie!


biosphe.reBiosphere – Zone of life on Earth. Sum of all ecosystems. 🏞️
lexic.alLexical analysis – AI.
polynomi.al2x + y + 4 = A Polynomial.
surmi.seSurmise – Take a guess!
minim.axMiniMax – AI Game theory.
rockypla.netThe blue planet is also a rocky planet! 🌎
synthetic.skinSynthetic or artificial skin.
analo.gyGive an analogy!


shall.doI shall do what I promised.
easily.doDo things the easy way.
certainly.doWe certainly do! (Get more)
shaped.byGive shape to something new.
equate.toDoes money equate to happiness? (Get more)

And many more!

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