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Domain names are windows which connect your space with the outside world. Be it your business, your personal space, or any endeavor. Pretty much all good .com names have been grabbed over the last few decades and sell for a steep premium or are simply not available. Now, can businesses operate without a dot-com or a country-specific TLD? Well, they most certainly can, and a growing number of them completely function out of other TLDs today. However, depending on the nature of the site and its target audience, it may still be a wise choice to have a dot-com even if it is not the most adorable one. This is less of a requirement, but more of a tradition and it is certainly not relevant to personal pages! One might consider getting any of the other new generic domain extensions out there, and that is perfectly fine except for two issues. These domains already have good or shorter words reserved at premium prices by the registry itself, moreover, people still have to remember a completely new domain extension.

So, how does one market xyzBigCompany.com in an increasingly crowded marketplace with ever-shorter attention spans? People have trouble remembering mobile numbers of family let alone long URLs! This is exactly where domain hacks or branded domains come into the picture. It is important to note that the word ‘hack’ is used here in a positive connotation to refer to the clever use of extensions in naming. These are essentially just one word or phrase spelt out entirely using any of the available TLDs. No extra characters! The extension itself becomes part of the name. They have been around for decades, but with more and more countries easing restrictions on their country-code domains for registration, these have provided wonderful new ways to construct short and memorable names! With major companies using them as alternate leads to their websites, they have become more widely accepted and are simply delightful to showcase on social media and other advertising avenues. For personal spaces and emails, they are possibly one of the best options out there. For businesses, they can be an undeniable asset as a marketable name.

These domain names are short and memorable and let you connect to an audience in entirely new ways! People today are far more aware about the possibility of having names not ending in the traditional TLDs. Domain hacks not just look creative, they are incredibly easy to remember as they effortlessly capture the attention. All this at a fraction of the price of a good .com name definitely makes them a compelling option.