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Domain names are windows which connect your space with the outside world. Be it your business, your personal space, or any endeavor. People were traditionally accustomed to domains with the added bulk of an extension. Is it really necessary though? As it turns out, the answer is a big no. While you can have xyz.anything where ‘anything’ could be one of hundreds of extensions, you can only have one x.yz! You can get the shortest and most elegant representation of your keyword. These are essentially just one word or phrase spelt out entirely using any of the available extensions. No extra characters. The extension itself becomes part of the name. These smart names are not new and have been around for as long as the web. They have always enjoyed admiration and sparked curiosity, but we want to make them mainstream.

So, how does one market xyzBigCompany.com in an increasingly crowded marketplace with ever-shorter attention spans? Well, by getting rid of the long URLs and meaningless extensions. This is exactly where domain hacks or branded domains come into the picture. It is important to note that the word ‘hack’ is used here in a positive connotation to refer to the clever use of extensions in naming. They have been around for decades, but with more and more countries easing restrictions on their country-code domains and making them available for registration by anyone, the options are truly immense. Furthermore, the new generic top level domains have opened the floodgates. We have more possibilities for amazing names, today, than ever! These are the next generation of domains. With major companies using them as alternate or even primary leads to their websites, they are accepted far and wide. They are simply delightful to showcase on social media and across advertising avenues. These domains provide a fresh and exciting look in an otherwise boring namespace. From personal spaces to businesses, they prove to be an undeniable asset as clever and marketable names. You get to own a word or phrase which is truly unique on the web!

These domain names are short and memorable and let you connect to an audience in entirely new ways! People today are far more aware about the possibility of having names not ending in the traditional extensions. Domain hacks not just look creative, they are incredibly easy to remember as they effortlessly capture the attention. These are artworks in the realm of domain names.

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